This years colour blast is way overdue! So to give us a spring in our stride and step in to spring, we’ve come up with a list of Interior Design colour trends to brighten up your days and look forward to freshening things up this coming season!

Heres 6 reasons to get excited with colour this year…

The Browns

We all thought those dowdy browns are way gone but now a spoon or a pot full of honey is all you need! Spiced honeybee Dulux is all about “awakening, kindness, resilience and optimism” and inspired by “the varied tones and remarkable properties of honey — natural, timeless and enduring, protective, rejuvenating and healing.” The browns felt that the world needed a great big warm honey earth coloured hug that would make you feel warm and cozy at any time of the day.

The Greens

Are the greens the new greys? Greens are everywhere in interiors right now. It’s synonymous with nature and calming qualities, leafy botanicals and the great outdoors, which could explain it’s popularity for creating a contented home.

From rich dark greens to the light and uplifting ‘appley’ tones, greens can be used all over the home and have a powerful, restorative quality. Used in home offices, green shades aid contemplation and deep thought, and in any room have a calming soothing quality, so go get your greens!

By Demi Keenan

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